Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tunage Tuesday - The Hillywood Show

Do you know Hillywood? Well you should. This sister duet has taken the pop culture world by storm. Their parodies are amazing, their sets are amazing, their make-up in amazing and I can't seem to get enough of them.

The Hillywood Show® is the brainchild of internet celebrities, comedy sister duo Hilly & Hannah Hindi. Each parody features song & dance parodies of blockbuster films such as The Hobbit, Harry Potter, and Twilight along with popular TV shows & celebrities such as Doctor Who, The Vampire Diaries & Lady Gaga! Their incredible costumes & makeup would impress even the most seasoned Saturday Night Live cast member! With over 130,000,000 views The Hillywood Show® continues to grow!

it's interesting to see them dressed as themselves for once

I discovered Hillywood back in February and featured their Doctor Who parody and promptly fell in love. These girls are amazing! 
but don't just trust me on that, see for yourself

This is their newest parody and it's amazing! Not only do they convey the characters really well and have an amazing song, they managed to get the cast of Supernatural on board!  

Supernatural's, Dean Winchester, struggles with the effects of bearing the Mark of Cain. Until Sam and Castiel find a cure, Dean has no other choice but to just "Shake It Off"! The Hillywood Show® brings the SPN Family a parody of epic proportions, that includes, Angels, Demons, Crowley, the Chevy Impala and fan favorite moments from the CW's Supernatural! 
Starring, Osric Chau as "Sam", Rob Benedict as "Cain"and special guest cameos from the Cast of Supernatural, including Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins and more! 


As much as I'm super sick of this song, this has got to be the best version I've seen of it! It just makes so much more sense!

Middle-Earth has Frozen over in The Lord Of The Rings: Let it Go Parody by The Hillywood Show®! Follow the hobbits, Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee, on their journey to destroy The One Ring in the fires of Mount Doom. Through the eyes of Samwise the brave, The Hillywood Show® brings you a magical tribute to Peter Jackson's memorable trilogy in an unforgettable, precious way. Once it's taken a hold of you, you'll never want to let it go. This is One Parody to rule them all.

Again, this is another great use of the song! Plus, another awesome cameo by Osric Chau!

You've never seen THE WALKING DEAD like this before! The hit show gets a music video make over in this kick-ass parody by The Hillywood Show®! Leave your stuff and thangs at home and join Rick, center stage, in this Queen-tastic parody of AMC's popular series! Comes complete with slow-mo dance breaks and all the Walkers, guts and gore you can handle. 

and last, but of course not least, an awesome Jack Sparrow impression!

Aye, prepare ye self for a hilarious tale of Rum and Romance! The notorious Jack finds himself on an unexpected, musical adventure in which he crosses paths with his one true love. Ye be surprised on who it turns out to be and, when Jack discovers it, nothing, not even Davey Jones' Kraken, will stand in his way. Watch as The Hillywood Show® showcases Johnny Depp's beloved Cap'n Jack in a way you've never seen before! Drink up me hearties, yo ho!

There are a lot more, so go check out their website and watch the rest, you won't be disappointing!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thursday Threads

art by knightowls

I'm back with more awesome finds for you! Today we will be focusing on leggings, dresses and skirts.

I love that Tee Fury is branching out and making leggings and shoes that you can now buy when you want, not just today.

I don't know what pair I want more, the grass type Pokemon or the Sailor Moon wands.

Hot Topic

Hot Topic always has a great selection of fun pop culture t-shirts, but I'm loving their foray into dresses and skirts

Living Dead

Living Dead has been one of those companies that seemed to come out of nowhere and totally take me by storm. Every time I look at their website, I find more and more that I want!

I've always wanted everything in their Sailor Moon line, and these are no exception

I am in love with these Bowser and Yoshi dresses! So badly want!

These dresses are too sweet to be true! 

Koala Art & Design

I was happy when I found these cute Zelda dresses, but that's it as far as pop culture goes. I'm hoping that they try to expand their line and add more fun goodies

Superhero Stuff is always a good place to check out for fun t-shirts and paraphernalia and I'm happy that they have decided to make leggings as well. How awesome are these Star Wars leggings? Totally awesome! 


I had never heard of this company before, but I am enamored with their Stormtrooper or "robot" line. I am in love with the leggings and the tops would be fun for working out or lazing about the house in.

Red Bubble

I love browsing Red Bubble and came across a link of the top selling Star Wars leggings, here are the best ones that I found.


Josh Beck


So that's all I've got for today, stay tuned for next week, when I look at fun tights to cute out any outfit